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Wella System Professional Men Maximum Hold Styling Gel

$19.80 $9.59

Size: 100ml

Do you need some extreme hold to your style? Well you need Wella SP Men Maxximum Hold Gel. This strong hold gel has been expertly produced for men who require hold in extremely fashioned looking styles e.g. Mohawk, the ‘Jedward’ look. Wella SP Men Maxximum Hold Gel is ideal for all hair types but is especially great for thick to normal hair. It’s a quick drying, clear gel formula that is non-greasy or non-sticky and doesn’t leave any residue on the hair, leaving hair with a subtle sheen finish. It will let you achieve fast and speedy styles providing you with great control and manageability, great if you’re in a rush. Infused with essential ingredients that will care for and condition your hair preventing the hair from drying out whilst shielding the hair from the elements. Hair will remain in place from dusk till dawn which is great for nights out or for when you’re partying hard. Can be easily washed out of the hair and is dermatologically tested. Apply to either wet or damp hair for structured style and definition. For extreme maximum hold, use on dry hair and allow the gel to dry full.

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