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Talika Smile Code Anti-Aging Smile Treatment & Lip Plumper


Brand Talika

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Smile Code is a treatment duo inspired by the latest morphopsychology research, for luscious lips and a better-defined contour.

In morphopsychology, the fleshy part of the lips is an expression of youth (morphological mechanism), and their contour, of personality (psychological mechanism).

For a younger, more radiant smile, Smile Code combines:
• A lip formula that boosts volume (70%)**, intensifies the natural red coloring, smooths and moisturizes (91%)**
• A lip contour formula that redefines the contour and smooths wrinkles and expression lines (up to 34% less volume, -14.1% on average)***.

Upon application, the lips are softer and replenished, and their contour is smoother and moisturized.
After 28 days, the lips increase in volume and firmness, the contour of the mouth is redefined, restructured and more youthful.

With Smile Code, the smile regains its full seductive powers!


• Volumizing peptide: stimulates collagen synthesis.
• Marine collagen: moisturizes, fills in micro-lines, and instantly increases the volume of the lips.
• Spice cocktail (cinnamon, ginger and black pepper): activates microcirculation in the lips, making them naturally redder and more luscious.
• Jojoba and avocado oils: nourish, regenerate the labial mucosa, and form a protective film.

Dermatologically tested.
2 PATENTS against external factors

• St. Paul’s wort: reduces wrinkles around the lips (nasolabial folds and smoker’s “bar-code” lines).
• Silk tree: strongly antioxidant, protects against the signs of aging and external factors (pollution, UV rays, tobacco, etc.).
• Vegetable glycerin: holds water in the epidermis, for perfectly moisturized skin.

Dermatologically tested.

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