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Misslyn Dramatic Eyeliner Waterproof


Brand Misslyn

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More drama, baby!

Our dramatic eyeliner waterproof is exactly what girls craving a dramatic eye makeup have been waiting for!
Wow - this eyeliner will even stay in place under water! Its flexible tip makes the application of the eyeliner super easy! The applicator naturally adapts to the shape of your lid lines, but at the same time it allows for enough resistance to ensure perfectly defined lines.

Start by applying the eyeliner close to the inner corner of your eye. Then proceed towards the outer corner of your eye. Make sure you stay as close to your natural lid line as possible.
There really are no creative boundaries here - the liquid eyeliner lets you create both thin, and thick lines


  • This liquid eyeliner is waterproof and is easy to handle and easy to apply
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes, and for people wearing contact lenses
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

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