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Talika Bust Infuser - Spray


Brand Talika
The 1st spray-on treatment for clothes* inspired by cosmetotextiles!
Clothes that work as beauty treatments? This is the idea behind cosmetotextiles. For several seasons, pantyhose, bras and leggings impregnated with active cosmetic ingredients have promised women moisturising, slimming or firming effects.
What does it do? 

Achieve younger-looking skin with minimal effort by using Talika Bust Infuser, an innovative treatment you spray inside your bra to fight against the signs of ageing around the bust area. Quick and easy to use, the lightweight spray is non-greasy and leaves no residue, meaning you can dress immediately after application.

A potent combination of Peptifirm Hexapeptide and Phospholipids works to replenish intense hydration and strengthen the natural barrier function to help prevent moisture loss. This in turn creates a plumper, firmer and softer skin texture for a younger-looking bust area.

You’ll love Bust Infuser because:

            • It is compatible with all types of fabric, including lace, synthetics and cotton, so you can wear your favorite underwear.

            • It is free of the constraints of applying a cream every day - a quick spray onto your lingerie after each wash and the bra takes care of the rest.

            • Bust Infuser is non-greasy, non-sticky, does not make the bra damp, and has a ‘zero residue’ effect so you can dress immediately with no risk of staining clothing. Your favorite lingerie remains immaculate.
            • The continuous contact of the active ingredients with the skin make it even more effective.
A new way to pamper your breasts every day!
1) Spray Bust Infuser 2 to 3 times inside each bra cup.
2) Wear the garment all day, for at least eight hours at a time.
3) Respray the garment after washing (roughly every three days).
Do not iron the garment after spraying.
All your bras should be sprayed to ensure day-long action all year round.
Each 15 ml bottle contains an average of 8 weeks’ treatment.

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